Studio Artists

What it’s like to be an Artworks artist.

Our Artists…

  • are local artists dedicated to their art and their careers.
  • take advantage of all the opportunities available to Artworks Artists, including opening their artist studio during public events at Artworks where they can meet the public, potential buyers and other artists.
  • take part in shared artistic programming — securing opportunities to work collaboratively and show in new artist spaces.
  • pursue cutting-edge innovative and experimental techniques in their creative process.
  • actively develop their careers — finding community and often mentorship within the Artworks community and with other local artists in Colorado, in addition to other professional development opportunities.
  • are supportive of fellow studio artists, encouraging and giving feedback for growth.
  • are diverse in age, background and style.

If you are interested in becoming an Artworks studio artist, learn how to become part of our thriving artist community.