Studio Artist Update

Check out the studio artists recent successes and accomplishment in their art careers.


Jennie Milner – Desk Chair Mural completed 3/2018, Custom wall sculpture delivered 2/2018, Mermaid Mural took second place in a competition on Walnut Street in February, commissioned mural for the Arvada Center during a mural festival in May, president of the Colorado Metalsmithing Association organizing a 3 day conference in July for 200 members, CSU grad students in the Metalsmithing department will be curating the Colorado Metalsmithing Association show in October at Artworks, Ren Burke and Jennie Milner have applied to collaborate on a mural on Federal Blvd in the Park Villa neighborhood using funds from Urban Arts Fund.


Jen Davey –  Accepted to an internship at Anderson Ranch to study with Enrique Martínez Celaya. She will attend a week-long program this summer and then be mentored through the rest of the year while working in her studio at Artworks. This cycle will happen for three years.


Rhonda Stone –  3 photographs at BJ Spoke gallery in Huntington NY, through March working on an exhibit at desk chair which is part of the opening. Rhonda has written 3 grants, one residency, and one competition.


Yuki Horikawa –  Recently he had an exhibit at the Loveland Museum/Gallery and taught a still life class with 14 participants.


Bob Campagna – Completed the 18th year of b/w annual photo workshop with Thompson School District Middle School students (started Oct, 2000, current exhibit installed 3/26 at Artworks), Exhibit Renascence displayed at Parker Art Center Sept-Oct, 2017, Designing books recently for Lori Nunnally (poet), and collaborating with Dion Weichers to design a children’s book for Greg Grote, Co-exhibiting with Sylvia (untitled at this moment) in the main gallery, Loveland Museum of Art, Jan-Feb 2019, Held Adult Photo class for McWhinney dept April, 2017 (result of McWhinney Christmas party at Artworks in 2016)


Abbie Powers Permanent placement of aerial sculpture in a high -rise apartment complex lobby, North Carolina, Permanent placement of aerial sculpture in the spa of a boutique hotel in Vail, CO. Custom aerial sculpture installation for BDNY (Boutique Design New York) representing the Marriott hotel line. Custom aerial sculpture installation for BDWest in Los Angeles representing the Marriott hotel line. Retail representation at 4 locations in Loveland. Visual Arts Commission chair, reelected for a second term. Accessions Committee for the Loveland Museum


Joe Norman Working on two public permanent sculpture placements here in Loveland. Experimenting with digital tools for the monumental sculpture process. Two sculpture-on-loan placements for summer ’18.


Audrey Mantooth – My successes and accomplishments are pretty simple, but made a huge difference in my career as an artist. I have actually been selling pieces which had been difficult before moving to Artworks. I’ve made connections in the art community and with people interested in my work (so they come back and check in on me and my work, which is awesome). On a more personal level, I have been able to really set aside time and energy to work on my art at Artworks, and finally feel like I have my own personal creative space to be myself and explore more in my creative processes, making new and different pieces.


Becky Hawley – Started a part-time job teaching art to adults with mental and physical disabilities. Residency at Brush Creek Ranch in Wyoming. Began doing 2 x 2 inch pieces at the residency, and have continued since I came home. The installation in the hallway allows me to get some good photos of it to present to other exhibition venues.


Jan Carson – Three works from “Seasons” series on exhibit in April for Museum of Boulder’s soft opening of their renovated space. A few balls in the air with notifications pending March 30th. Preparing for my show at AWL in July.


Veronica Patterson – Poems published in Driftwood Review, Pinyon Review, and Dogwood: A Journal of Poetry and Prose.

Sudden White Fan, a new collection of poetry published by Cherry Grove, early 2018.

Several of the poems in Sudden White Fan have connections to ArtWorks ekphrastic shows, including “The Song of the Rising Amazement,” “You Enter the Dream,” and “Sea Greens:”

From the most recent Visual Art and Poetry exhibit, How the Light Gets In, the combination of Jan R. Carson’s Butterfly Veil with Imprint of a Poet and my poem “Self-Portrait with Butterfly” were displayed at the Loveland Public Library for three months through the library’s Galleria program.

The poem “You Enter the Dream” was part of a collaboration with Doug Erion and shown with his encaustic Bloodlines, at the PACE Center exhibit curated by Rose Fredrick—titled DRAFT—in Parker, Colorado.

Poem “Cotton Dust,” as presented by artist Becky Hawley and displayed at ArtWorks, has become a song for soprano and piano composed by Randall Shinn.


Madeline Wilson – In January I focused on recreating my website and setting up social media marketing tools. I’m really happy with the site:, though it needs a little tweaking. It has, however brought in some opportunities and sales.

   In February I joined a national movement to create 30 paintings in 30 days. I am primarily a photographic artist and this challenge gave me the opportunity to dive deeply into encaustic painting techniques, a long-time interest. The work created reflects a departure from the “mapweaves” series of collage and found objects embedded in wax. I completed the challenge in early March with 30 new pieces, several of which sold through my daily posts on social media. This is a new way of working and marketing my work for me and I learned a great deal from the process.

   I have spent most of the past six months deepening my artistic practice and learning about the arts here in Colorado. I feel fortunate every day to have this space to work and such a wonderful group of artists with which to share ideas and expertise. In recent weeks I have been preparing for a talk I’ll be giving at the Loveland Photographic Society in early April, another opportunity I can credit to my association with Artworks.

   Later this spring I plan to start submitting work to local galleries and museums. I’ve been researching and developing a list of appropriate spaces and upcoming group shows and I’m about ready to put together materials for submissions.

   I’m inspired by the beauty of the area to turn my focus from the abandoned buildings photography project to working with nature, the environment and our concerns about the changing landscape. I’m envisioning mixed media installation work around these themes

   I am designing several workshops to offer later this year. I just returned from a 4 day convention of art teachers and I attended several sessions on STEAM teaching. I’m so excited and grateful that we have full access to the Creator Space is next door and plan to take full advantage of that in the coming months to learn how to use the materials and machines to make prototypes of projects I’d like to introduce in my workshops, and also to incorporate into my own work.


Ana Maria Botero – I don’t have many shows coming up, but I have to say that belonging to Artworks has been so wonderful for me. Having the space and environment for creativity I start exploring 3D objects, like the Bench. I’m applying to calls for sculptures and even I don’t know if I’m going be selected, this is a great accomplishment for me. Money wise, with the exception of January and February I have sold something from my studio during the opening nights every month since I move to Artworks last August. My next show will be at the Summer Art Market in June.


Jennifer Ivanovic – I’m a part of the Three woman show about Color at the Arvada Art & Humanities Center in September.


Jan R Carson – I’m a finalist in the Cherry Creek Arts Festival’s ARROW Five Years’ Out Art Challenge. My piece will be on view in my studio April 27-May 13th. I’d like to invite the board to stop in and see it before it heads to Denver. It will be there this coming 2nd Friday, but appointments are always available to them.


Jennie Kiessling –  



Solo Show and Visiting Artist: SameMind – Laramie County Community College, Cheyenne WY

Solo Show – Jennie Kiessling New Work – Artisan Framing, Fort Collins    

Group Show – Drawn Thought, Western Wyoming Community College  


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