2019 Exhibitions Announced: First Quarter


Zero Craft Corp.

December 14, 2018 – January 26, 2019

South Gallery


Timelines is an exhibition of contemporary bronze sculptures and 60 unique drawings by an experimental, project-based art and design studio Zero Craft Corp. Zero-Craft Corp. is a creative collaborative studio based out of Fort Collins, CO. ZCC’s work is interdisciplinary and experimental and is not bound to traditional models of studio practice. ZCC engages art and design as highly compatible disciplines and is focused on conceptual craft research as it applies to both.

Bronze is broadly defined as a mixture of metals in which copper is the most prevalent. The drawings are the result of a collaboration between Fort Collins-based visual artist Mark Dineen and data scientist Damon Crockett of Yale University. Each drawing featured in Timelines is a visual recipe for an object from the early Bronze Age (approximately 3,500-2,500 BCE) such as a spear point, axe head, or plow.  




Altered Perspectives

Brandon S. Gellis and Billy Harris

January 11 – March 2, 2018

North Gallery



Altered Perspectives is a two-artist exhibition between Billy Harris and Brandon S. Gellis that explores moments experienced on the natural landscape, captured and re-envisioned through digital photography, video and sound design, creative coding, sculptures and augmented and mixed reality.







We’re All MAD Here

Becky Hawley

February 8 – March 30, 2018

South Gallery

We’re All MAD Here is an interactive art installation that explores the scope of emotions endured by individuals with mental illness. The artist-designed tea party explores brokenness, turmoil, discord, and feeling ill-equipped to handle ordinary situations. “I am creating an experience that is unhinged” says artist Becky Hawley.  She explains, “In my struggle with depression, I often think I have things under control, but that illusion is quickly shattered. This installation provokes the senses, so participants will grapple with unpleasant emotions they usually avoid.”








Fractured Landscape

Madeline Wilson

March 8 – April 19, 2019

North Gallery

Fractured Landscape is a solo exhibition by Madeline Wilson. This exhibition features landscape photographs which were deconstructed, then reconstructed to create interrupted landscapes. The interrupted landscapes resemble our true perception of nature, fragmented by our inattention and by the mechanics of vision. The fractured images address variations on Chaos Theory and The Butterfly Effect – that our human footprint and our very presence changes the land. We can’t control the dynamic forces that are in constant movement, imperceptible geological changes that occur under our feet while sometimes leading to catastrophic events that get our attention. These ongoing, consistently repeating patterns occur in nature and provide the catalysts for interdependent growth and change.


The Afternoon of Life

Ronda Stone

April 12 – June 1, 2019

South Gallery

The Afternoon of Life is an exhibition of photographs by Ronda Stone which explore the lives of the elderly. The exhibition poses the questions: “What do the aging need most? Where are we limited when helping them? What have we learned from working with the elderly? How can we work together to benefit this population and to help the families and the public have a better understanding of their needs?”