Colorado Gives


We invite local individuals to support exhibiting artists at Artworks Loveland. Your gift will provide professional space for artists to complete and showcase their projects. Donations can be one-time or reoccurring, made in honor or memory of someone, on the Colorado Gives website.

100% of your donation goes directly to support artists and an engaging gallery program at Artworks Loveland. Your gift helps local artists at all stages of their careers and provides an innovative art space where artists are free to speak their minds and stretch our imagination.

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“As an emerging artist, I’m always seeking opportunities that help me expand my practice and my thoughts in ways that aren’t always consumer or gallery driven.  A contemporary art center like Artworks Loveland allowed me the physical and mental space to create and finish a thought I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to.  My Rowan series has been nearly complete for a year, but to have the room and the support to create the completing installation aids in my growth as an artist and gives me a chance to show an audience what I can accomplish outside of a small studio.  I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities Artworks Loveland presented to me.” Kaitlyn Tucek,


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