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2019 Exhibitions Announced: First Quarter

Timelines Zero Craft Corp. December 14, 2018 – January 26, 2019 South Gallery   Timelines is an exhibition of contemporary bronze sculptures and 60 unique drawings by an experimental, project-based art and design studio Zero Craft Corp. Zero-Craft Corp. is a creative collaborative studio based out of Fort Collins, CO. ZCC’s work is interdisciplinary and… read more

Give Where You Live

There are so many ways to embrace the “live local” mentality through action around the holidays. Lovelanders practice the philosophy by visiting local shops, eating at locally owned establishments and celebrating in our community organized festivals. This year, I invite you to consider supporting your local non-profits this holiday season – organizations who provide much… read more

Meet Exhibiting Artist Mike Richins

Intimacies: Recent Paintings is a solo exhibition of paintings and drawings by visiting artist Mike Richins. This body of work depicts the beauty found in daily and routine occurrences, and in the sensual and dynamic nature of a long-term relationship. At the heart of the exhibition is a series of images of the artist’s wife, Mandy, which are… read more

Working with Contemporary Art

Mix and mingle with some of the most notable collectors, art enthusiasts, and artists in Northern Colorado while learning about the original art that makes desk chair™ a unique work environment. Meet the artists with artwork at desk chair™ and see first hand how cutting-edge art can transform your work environment. “If you enrich a… read more

The Beginning of Everything But Now

Everything But Now  is a four-person exhibition of works in thread, wood, and fabric. Sarah LaBarre and Tom Lundberg embroider artworks by machine and by hand, marking in stitch the passage of time and layers of experience. Anne Bossert and Jan R Carson express ideas about perpetual change and longevity by combining fragments of wood… read more

Meet Exhibiting Artists Scott and Alicia Laumann

Visiting artists Scott and Alicia Laumann are returning to Artworks for their second collaborative exhibition, Into Fertile Ash. It will feature 5-6 new works created for the exhibition including drawings, video, installations and performance pieces. A deeply personal process for the artists, Into Fertile Ash will explore how western attitudes towards death and mortality have changed in the… read more

Collaboration Works

If you had the opportunity to create a painting, mold a sculpture, or write a book, who would you want to work with? Who (dead or alive) could complement your own artistic abilities to create something new and exciting? Well, Joe Norman and G. Mark Lewis have answered this question and created a unique show… read more

Studio Artist Update

Check out the studio artists recent successes and accomplishment in their art careers.   Jennie Milner – Desk Chair Mural completed 3/2018, Custom wall sculpture delivered 2/2018, Mermaid Mural took second place in a competition on Walnut Street in February, commissioned mural for the Arvada Center during a mural festival in May, president of the Colorado… read more

To Name Another Thing

About the Exhibition To Name Another Thing presents new works by Chloe West. Through the intimate and laborious act of painting, West looks at the neutral, the incidental, and the marginal. The paintings use the language of both representation and abstraction to depict objects of the everyday such as window blinds and linoleum tiles. The… read more


Lyric features the works of 63 Thompson School District middle school students who worked closely with Artworks studio artist Bob Campagna to create original photographic prints in Artworks’ darkroom. The project title, Lyric, stems from the integration of image and word.     “Lyric challenged students from six middle schools to be photographer, researcher and writer.… read more