Sylvia Eichmann

Sylvia-EichmannStudio 109

Sylvia Eichmann, is an autodidact, collecting skills and experience in diverse environments along her life’s path, her focus and creative expression aimed at subjects such as states of consciousness, perception, philosophy and psychology.

Her works are a study in personal process as well as life’s meanings and quirks in various, often mixed techniques such as printmaking, collage, drawing & painting, bookmaking and whatever else is handy. Both meaningful and humorous, large and small, complex and simple, her faces and objects seem to connect and flow like neuropathways, telling stories and calling to the observer to look closely at details.

Artist Statement:

If my works were created in the kitchen, they would be of equal measures Art Brut and Conceptual art, seasoned with humor and spiritual, psychological or metaphysical philosophy.

Technical finesse takes second place, giving way to the meat of life and its quirks. I will chew on a topic for years, using installation, both large and small but seldom medium acrylic paintings, printmaking and book objects. The issue of “advice giving”, for example, has inspired a deck of pick-a-drawing cards (also as an interactive website feature), a series of artist books, a painted table and large canvas depicting faces and forms floating as though lost in life’s soup. Works often have written background or prose to satisfy or tickle the intellect.

I have a love for detail and surprising or secret content, pieces that need a closer look or read to appreciate fully.