Ronda Stone

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I photograph people from the inside out – the inner landscape of the human experience. I dig deep to discover and express the dark side of myself in order to understand my own feelings and actions as well as to understand the human condition that continues to be a mystery.

I create photographs to induce stimulation rather than comfort, and to raise questions rather than offer solutions or endings. I’m not interested in Novocain for the eyes but want visual impact. The rules of photography are sometimes being broken in cases where the expression is more important.

The bones, insects, words, drawing etc come from the subconscious. They bring a much-needed balance to our experience on this earth. They serve to illustrate the inner landscape in a more natural way. Sometimes the objects balance out the fear, anger or loss. Sometimes they add to it. Sometimes they come from the subconscious and can’t be explained.

The body of work called The Inner Landscape expresses the human condition in a way that only art can do. These photographs are my secrets, my shadow, the obsessions and manifestations of my subconscious.