Joe Norman

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Joe graduated with a degree in Product Design from Stanford and worked with design consulting firms for a number of years before teaching middle school and customizing vintage motorcycles. For the past eight years, he has been a full-time sculptor, focusing on handmade and site-specific works informed by the intersection of the natural and human-made environment.

Joe was the Artist-In-Residence at Great Basin National Park and frequently speaks on art and its role in social justice. His work is in permanent public and private collections across the United States and is represented by galleries in Colorado, Utah, and California. He currently maintains his studio at Artworks Loveland just north of Denver, Colorado.

Artist Statment:

I enjoy honest welds and allen head bolts, the joy of struggle and walnut oil on smooth sanded wood. My best work has regret and relief and sometimes I throw wrenches. I steal natural shapes for my sculpture. Animal bones and river stones feel familiar in my gut. They’re all over the place, and they’re beautiful.

I take emotional resonance and apply it to beautiful shapes. The right emotion AND the right shape just might be powerful to the right person. Maybe it is a small example of how to practice BOTH AND in addition to EITHER OR.

My intent is to make art that contributes to a wider conversation about justice and care and our impact on the world. I hope it helps people think and be happy; I hope it helps people be important to each other.


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