Jennifer Ivanovic

Jennifer-IvanovicStudio 120

Jennifer Ivanovic’s colorful paintings emerge from her unique pouring and “blowing” method. Her art is known for innovative techniques and unconventional use of acrylic paint. Her work has been included in many corporate collections across North America and she has recently won the competitive $10,000 Arrow 5 Years Out Art Challenge.

Artist Statement:

I paint to control my destiny. My paintings are a struggle with the force of nature – gravity. She is a formidable opponent. I add barriers, she surrounds them. I add holes and density, she fools me and the paint changes direction. My work is a roadmap describing our dance with gravity and paint. Like all good marriages, it’s a game of give and take. At best of times, our dance becomes a coordinated effort of exquisite pattern and hypnotic color. This spontaneous struggle breathes moments of unexpected connections and, like in life, that’s when the best moments happen.