Jennie Milner


Biography and Artist Statement

J.C. Milner (Jennie) lives with her husband and two teenage girls in Fort Collins, Colorado (the Beer-muda Triangle). She loves to ride her 3-speed cruiser (winning no races here), and loves chatting with neighbors and eavesdropping on local coffee shop chatter while she draws. Jennie is charmed by local culture, diversity, individuality, often making light of our habits. Her work is about “the perfect world” where inequality, racism, sexism, violence and abuse are a thing of the past. Rest your weary eyes here, where there is hope and whimsy.

Jennie received her Fine Arts Degree in Metalsmithing from Colorado State University, has taught at the University of Northern Colorado, Colorado College Aspen, Denver School of Metal Arts, Clear Creek Academy, and Lola’s Fresh Patina. She is the current Chair of the Colorado Metalsmithing Association and was an invited speaker at the annual conference in 2013. She has filmed six metalsmithing and resin tutorials for Interweave Press and painted 5 murals including The New York State Zoo and Google Headquarters.

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