gmarkStudio 108

A photographer specializing in figure nudes, gmark’s current works involve creating images that represent the human form with light and movement that the eye can’t see without the aid of the camera and a bit of editing. He rarely uses Photoshop in his new works–there are no composites,just selective exposure and color edits.

His 25-year history of being a graphics artist helped develop his eye for photographic composition, which eventually led him to figure photography. If you ask him, “Why figures?” you may hear this:

“The human figure is the most versatile subject to shoot,changing with every model’s personality and insights. The evolution of the relationship between the model and the photographer shapes the dynamic of the final product in a way that shooting other subjects can’t match.”

He shoots live, fast, and unrehearsed. “I want the images to come out of the experience, rather than shaping the experience to fit my ideas. Things are moving, people are talking, lights are flashing, the room is hot,sort of like a greenhouse. I guess you could call it an organic approach to photography. Once the image is grown, I trim the branches, trying to leave only the best of the form,” gmark said.


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