Pedro Rivera

Studio 117

As a commercial artist with over 20 years experience, Pedro Rivera has offered his painting, sculpting and fabricating skills to numerous designers and exhibit houses. Today, Pedro chooses to focus his time and energy as a fine artist. His vision manifests itself through abstraction, contemporary realism and symbolism utilizing mixed media, oil painting and bronze sculpture. His work is displayed in homes, corporations, retail spaces and museums across the country. Originally a Chicago Native, Pedro currently resides in Loveland Colorado.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I navigate moments of sentience always reaching toward a distant shore – the realm of my inner vision. And it is there that the real work begins. The old primal forces emerge wrought through blood and bone, coiled in sinew binding flesh. A drumming still to be heard echoes from the fire lit walls of our collective imagination where the shadows continue their ancestral dance no less in the 21st Century. “What I enjoy most about my work, whether an original conception or commission, is the visual and tactile process of realizing an idea that will bear the test of time.