David Pettner

Studio 127

As a native Coloradan, I’ve lived much of my adult life in Fort Collins with my wife and two daughters, both now freshmen at CSU and Harvard. I have a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Regis University and an M.A. Ed. from the University of Phoenix. I spent much of the early 2000s as a stay-at-home dad while also running an at-home commercial studio focused on architectural renderings and closing gifts for realtors and home builders. I also taught small group and individual lessons during that time.

In 2007, I became an elementary art teacher at Resurrection Christian School, where I worked for seven years before suffering a cerebellar stroke at 38 years old in 2014. I loved my work at Rez, starting from “art-on-a-cart” program and developing a highly respected and awarded K-5 curriculum. Over the past three years, I have been primarily focused on recovery and rehabilitation from my stroke. Unfortunately, my brain injury has left me unable to regain the skills necessary to teach elementary art at the same high level. That being said, the young, inspiring minds I got to teach during my seven years as a teacher will continue to inspire me.

I always knew the time would come where I would transition out of teaching and being a (world-class) dad, and into a full-time art career. Little did I know that a traumatic brain injury would serve as the catalyst to a new phase in my life! I am now at a point in my recovery where I can pursue a professional career as a fine artist. In my at-home-studio, I create abstract watercolor images of yoga postures. Yoga has been an essential part of my physical recovery, and these pieces provide a wonderful opportunity for experimentation with technique and composition.

My yoga-inspired art pieces can be found and purchased through Full Flowers Studios, LLC. For more information or to purchase my other mixed-media more allegorical contemporary art pieces, please contact me directly.

Artist Statement:

In the wake of a massive stroke that destroyed my left cerebellum, my work primarily deals with the emotional and physical challenges of life after brain damage. I seek to translate my experience in a way that offers viewers a glimpse into a survivor’s never-ending quest to move forward– uncovering, creating and accepting. My pieces are often allegorical, though always deeply personal, relying on strong symbolic imagery and surreal settings. I paint on a large scale and strive to imbue each of my pieces with power and emotion. Though full of conflict and tension, each piece finds a perilous balance where it can sit for a suspended moment along the path to recovery.

I use water-based media—both watercolor and acrylics, to create my work. The use of water media allows me to experiment with both the tight and controlled and the expressive and fluid aspects of painting. In painting, I engage in an endless dance of control and surrender—finding freedom within the chaos.


Mobile: (970) 786-0984
Email: davidpettner@outlook.com
Website: www.fullflowerstudios.com

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