Bob Campagna

Bob-CampagnaStudio 119

Bob Campagna is an artist-in-residence in the Thompson schools and through Think 360 Arts. He teaches film and printmaking photography. Since 1982 he has taught over 435 photography workshops to more than 11,000 students.

Besides fine art photography, he designs and publishes books, calendars, posters, postcards, and note cards. He primarily uses black and white film, with the Hasselblad his camera of choice. He also utilizes 35 mm, 4×5, and digital cameras.

Recent exhibits include “Northeast Iowa, a 25 year retrospective” (May, 2015), and “New Bohemia, historic photos” (June, 2015); “EYE DANCE: In Honor, Beauty and Place” (February, 2011); “Contemporary Retrospective” (April 2013); and “In Great Spirit” (November, 2015), his portraits of the Taos and Meskwaki people.

Artist Statement:

Photography validates my life experience. To photograph, I need to come to a point of balance. Black and white photography offers an opportunity to see the unseen, embellished by careful listening to the language of life. Not bound by the literalism of color, it brings forth form, texture, shadow, reflection, and feeling. And it is always magic to see images unfold in the darkroom. Black and white photography is manifested interpretation. It touches immortality. It is the dance of my mind’s eye.