Becky Hawley

becky-hawleyStudio 112

Reclaimed materials, found objects, and natural curiosities come together to create something new in my hands. With a keen eye for design, I give everyday materials a new life and hope to challenge your view of the world around you.

My artwork explores a full range of emotions, shifting in color and theme from bright and cheerful to dark and disturbing­—often within the same piece. Someone once described my work as “dark whimsy,” and this is an apt description of the contrast inherent in much of my work.

Many years of work as a graphic designer have inspired my love of type, paper, and books. Words often find their way into my art. I love the meaning of the words, as well as the shapes of letters and typography in many different languages.

Artist Statement:

The artwork I create encourages you to interact with it: textures to touch, words to read, objects to handle, and doors or drawers to open. In this way, my work tries to connect with you not only emotionally and creatively, but also physically. Many intriguing conversations are sparked by my work—observers generally find the art thought-provoking and intriguing. Which is exactly what I desire.