Barbara Gilhooly

Barbara in Artworks studioBarbara Gilhooly​ our inaugural A-I-R at Artworks.  Barbara moved in September 2015 and stayed at the studios for a two month residency. She completed a series of larger scaled paintings on birch panels for a solo show at Gallery 360 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She also worked on a wall art installation piece of sculptural ball forms.

Barbara maintains an active gallery schedule showing in Paris, New York, Colorado, and the Twin Cities.  She also pursues commercial venues in the home decor industry licensing images of her artwork on rugs, fabric, pillows, and of course wall art.  She has taught artist career development workshops with Arts Incubator of the Rockies.  Currently she is teaching an art class at CSU.  During Barbara’s 2 month stay at the studios she will be available to talk with you and visitors while she works.