Audrey Mantooth

Audrey Mantooth300x300pixels

Studio 102

Audrey Brooks Mantooth, grew to love and actively participate in art, in her hometown of Cedarburg, WI. Audrey has always been involved in and influenced by nature. As a result, her personal work has focused on topics such as poaching, extinction, deforestation and the effects of urbanization.

Audrey graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Print and Narrative Forms in 2014. The majority of her relief prints, developed from her love of nature and animals, focus on environmental conservation. Expanding on these ideas, her most recent prints portray the devastating impacts of the delisting of gray wolves from the Endangered Species Act. Since graduation, she has also worked on a series of animal portraits, choosing animals that are often seen as pests by many humans, and depicting them as important creatures for their role in our ecosystems.

Artist Statement:

As a printmaker, with a focus in large scale traditional relief woodblock printing, I create work that focuses on wildlife and environmental conservation. I communicate problems that affect our wildlife, such as poaching, habitat loss, and extinction, as well as creating works that focus on the importance and beauty of nature.

For my large scale woodblock prints, I look to master drawings by Michelangelo, Donatello and Titian for inspiration, and bring the drama and emotion from their figures into my work. I then illustrate animals’ perspectives and show the harsh reality that is their everyday life in the process of extinction and loss of their homes. One of my woodblock prints, “Their Troubles” includes a human figure with the head of a Mexican gray wolf and her wolf-headed children; she confronts the viewer and conveys the pain, fear, and sadness that she and her children are suffering, as their home has been destroyed.

It is important to me to focus on imperiled animals, local or international, endangered or abundant, in the hopes that I can reach a larger audience and influence change that could help save numerous species and the environments they live in.