Ana Maria Botero

Studio 115

Ana Maria Botero is a wife, mother, architect, and artist. She was born in Bogota, Colombia, where she lived and worked on architecture until 2001 when life brought her to Florida, United States. She works there for Vigneault and Hoos Architecture Inc. until 2005 when she moves again, this time to the state of Colorado when she started to paint, although she loves architecture, her heart is currently won over by art. It has always been a hobby of her but is now her passion. She had her first art show on 2008 and since then she has shown her work in Denver, Niwot, Louisville, Fort Collins, Lafayette, Littleton, Boulder, Longmont, Vero Beach, FL and San Diego, CA. Most of her work is semi-abstract and abstract.

Artist Statement:

“My interest lies in color, texture, and composition, the subject matter is not the center of my work but the excitement of color, nature is my inspiration, I love exploring and trying something new using different methods simultaneously, going back to study the works of painters that I admire. It is a challenge and an exercise to solve chaos, to plan and to improvise, and to invite the viewer to a conversation.”