Navigational Aids

Jennifer Ivanovic’s colorful paintings emerge from her unique pouring and “blowing” method. Her art is known for innovative techniques and unconventional use of acrylic paint. This exhibition of recent works features a diverse range of materials- including sensuous paint pours, delicate embroidery, brightly colored paint skins, detailed laser-cut drawings and typography. Navigational Aids opens Friday, October 13. Join us for the opening reception from 6-9 PM. Additionally, poured painting demonstrations will take place in the south gallery during Loveland Art Studio Tour weekends.

“Gravity Pour” Demonstrations by Jennifer Ivanovic: 

  • October 14 & 15, 11am – Noon
  • October 21 & 22, 11am – Noon

About the Artist: 

This summer, Jennifer Ivanovic completed her 12th APP Mural in Fort Collins. She works at Artworks Loveland in a large studio in order to produce works over six feet. Her work has been included in many corporate collections across North America and she has recently won the competitive $10,000 Arrow 5 Year Out Art Challenge.  Jennifer has lived in 5 US states, South Africa & New Zealand and is a graduate of The Columbus College of Art & Design.

Artist Statement: 

     The tiny Monarch butterfly, who weighs four times less than a stick of gum, will navigate 2,500+ miles to central Mexico. Some speculate that there is a magnetic pull deep within the butterflies’ brains which helps them make complex navigational decisions. Much like in my modern artists’ life, a constant question is “Where to next?” Painting also requires a consistent conscious and unconscious navigation, like the butterfly, we are both unaware of it’s magical workings. This invisible pull, if put into words, might sound like: “let’s pour cobalt blue next to emerald, and now magenta…” and this continues till the artwork is done. The process begs to question – what is navigating this?
     Nearly twenty years of pouring paint, and four straight years of pouring “copious” amounts (gallons and gallons at a time), I have a good understanding of what each paint pour will do. But, ironically, the beauty actually happens when I attempt to manipulate my “co-worker”, gravity. My effort to push the boundaries of gravitational balance comes from a deep internal trust. I like to think that I’m tapping into a magical elixir – that illusive navigational aid. Perhaps it is the same as the butterflies use?
     Navigational Aids reveals the many (un)conscious, navigational decisions in beautiful painting form. The show utilizes a diverse range of materials- including sensuous paint pours, delicate embroidery, brightly colored paint skins, detailed laser-cut drawings and typography – the installation creates a intensely patterned dreamscape and leaves the viewer feeling awash with joyful color. For example, “Efflorescence” artwork, is a complex, multilayered paint pour with delicate embroidered circles reminding the viewer of a waterfall of color. All the paintings are done in 2017 except the noted 2005 painting called “February Skies” which prompted my own 1,385 mile migration and my first poured butterfly from 1999 “Monarch in Water”.
     Perhaps the act of creative navigation is in an accessible place for all to tap into. So, next time you ask your creative self, “Where to next?”, you will know where to look.
-Jennifer Ivanovic, Artist