Featuring works by Denver-based artists Libby Barbee, Jodi Stuart, and Kaitlyn Tucek, Borderline investigates the myriad ways in which we as humans are affected by our environment and circumstances. Through painting, sculpture, and installation, this exhibition explores themes of human interaction with our at-risk environment, the changing role of technology, and the feminine experience.

Libby Barbee’s work addresses human interaction with and responses to our physical landscape. Her work is driven by her fascination with the relationship between nature and culture – the emotional, psychological, and cultural implications of place. Her series Trophies for the Foolhardy depicts Colorado peaks adorned with the deceptively beautiful invasive plant species that inhabit the area. The works in the series simultaneously characterize the earth as something that people both admire and want to conquer, speaking to the human ability to manipulate and be manipulated by an environment.

Jodi Stuart makes art as a response to rapidly developing technology. The aesthetics of her sculptural forms reflect a state of hyper-stimulation and sensory overload. Her materials include ABS plastic, 3-D pens, and images appropriated from the internet. Although the colors and materials used are super-synthetic, they are rendered in a way that is intricate, gestural, and references the handmade.

Kaitlyn Tucek’s Rowan paintings speak to the feminine experience. They feature corporeal forms that appear to grow and expand beyond the panels, defiantly taking up visual space. Named after the artist’s daughter, the Rowan series represents female empowerment. The forms push through boundaries and cross borders. As part of this exhibition, Tucek asked women artists to share their experiences as women in the art world to become part of a site-specific installation. Their stories are incorporated in the final installation.

When confronted with our changing landscape, paradoxical advancements in technology, and cultural limitations, we respond by growing, transforming, and defying perceived boundaries. These artists’ responses remind us that change is constant and inevitable, but that how we see it can in turn change our perspective on the world and empower us to act and make a difference.

This exhibition runs November 10 – December 29, 2017 in Artworks’ North Gallery.

Special Events:

November 10, 5-6 PM, Members-Only Preview and Happy Hour: 310 INITIATIVE members are invited to enjoy a complimentary beverage, hear from the artists and curator, and be the first to view the exhibition.

November 10, 6-9 PM, Opening reception: Free and open to the public.

December 2, 2-4 PM, Artists’ Reception and Gallery Talk: Hear from all three featured artists about the ideas behind the works in the show.