Chad Seeling

Studio 103

I received a BFA in Printmaking from Pratt Institute in 2009 and then attended the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where I received an MFA in Studio Art in 2012. In addition to maintaining a studio practice I have worked for galleries and museums including UMCA Contemporary Art Museum, SCAD Museum of Art and Design, and most recently Alexander Gray Associates in New York City as their Collections Manager/Registrar. In 2016 I left New York City with my partner to pursue a studio career full-time. For the past year and a half, I have rededicated myself to my studio practice developing a completely new body of work and beginning to exhibit again.

Artist Statement:

Borrowing from the genre of sci-fi, my work explores the connections between actual experience and simulated realities. Playing with aural phenomena, I focus on basic methods of producing and processing sound that impede and enter the audience’s physical space, at times stimulating human interaction and/or play. Using analogue methods, electronics, and coding languages I am interested in creating sound environments that invite participants to help create the work or simulate a reality where one finds themself physically or audibly affected. By asking the audience to participate in the creation of the artwork they become an active part of it. This gives the audience agency and the ability to interact, think, and respond to the installation they are complicit in creating. Through creating a dynamic where the audience participates in creating the artwork, I am able to play with the concept of shifting the roles of artist, audience, and institution, allowing for all of these to be reconsidered.




Cave Sounds 1

Cave Sounds 3

Cave Sounds 4