Carrie Johansing

IMG_0948Studio 102

Carrie Johansing is an art educator and mixed media artist with a BFA in Drawing and Ceramics, Colorado State University 1999, Teacher Licensure Program/Art Education K-12 Endorsement.

Artist Statement:

To me, a true work of art can sometimes be described as a juxtaposition of complexity and simplicity. I believe the strength of these dualities depends on the artist’s intent to acknowledge both, make an attempt at honoring them and in some instances…transcend. Maybe this is the cliched artist’s search for order but it is my voice…currently.

Visually, I respond to the tension of order and disorder/chaos and metaphorically look to the light. This previous sentence could sum up the whole piece and be a portrait of myself in words. However, I believe there is more. My hope is the viewer sees the element of line as massive and complex…overbearing and dominant. A tyrant of mass in a space that is congested. In contrast, the simplicity is addressed by the uniformity of the line.

The line in itself is the most universal of art elements. As humans in our developmental stages of creating…it is line that surfaces first. The scribble is truly naive. Personally, I have always been drawn to the accessibility of line and as an art educator it is line that starts the journey to expression. I find this element to be very genuine.

To honor this piece is your doing…if you so chose. It is bringing your narrative, your perception, and your experience to the work. My desire is that this installation elicits a personal narrative that pays homage to (y)our surroundings. One to which the viewer has an intimate connection. I want to be bold and say that the transcendence is referenced in the light. Light is knowledge, light is life, light is love, light is light. Light is a metaphor of totality. In the beginning is also the now…through light.